Our Team


In 2014, Frédéric Rhéaume, President and Founder of the company Les Accessoires Multifonctions inc. came up with the idea for the Father's Cooker™ by practicing one of his passions, maple syrup production. Since there was no residential maple syrup evaporator, he had the idea of modifying his BBQ to produce his maple syrup. After several tests, research and development, the idea evolved into a new patented multifunctional outdoor cooking appliance.
All in one!
The Father's Cooker™ was born to replace and create new outdoor cooking modes, including the traditional BBQ function.
Frédéric Rhéaume
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
My expertise as a senior operator in the field of metallurgy, in research and development and as a supervisor in the manufacturing of stainless steel equipment, allowed me to put my knowledge to good use in inventing my outdoor cooking system. I then built my first prototypes and did a lot of testing and research and development before patenting my idea. It was in 2018 that my intellectual property was granted and delivered to me.
Marc Roussin
Executive Vice President, Global Operations and Supply Chain
Marc is a Trained Welder-Mechanic. He has also been a welder for 12 years, 7 years as the owner of his company. He has a great experience as a salesman and has been a sales manager. Then, he was 6 years as a heavy equipment operator. He has several trainings in sales psychology.
David Saulnier
Executive Vice President of Product Development
Expert in custom stainless steel equipment manufacturing for 20 years in the pharmaceutical, food and industrial fields and production manager for 13 years.
Philippe Gaboury
Chief Technology Officer
Philippe has a project management diploma in graphic communications. He also holds a Professional Studies Diploma in Computer Graphics. He has held various positions in commercial printing and publishing printing and has also worked in the web field.